The Art Of Jared Pullen, Soulful Savage

The Art Of Jared Pullen, Soulful Savage

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beastly Design

This was perhaps, not what you were expecting to see for November... I remember that November's Post was intended to be all about Freed Souls; my latest illustration which was (and will be) a commentary on the situation now faced by many out of work concept artists from Krome Studios. Being a huge fan of telling stories (the right way) without compromising quality for the sake of 'just geting it out there', I'd like to do it justice. Rather than rush it and ruin it (which is something else we can talk about later) I must with all humility ask for your patience while I get this one right. Kindest thanks to everyone :)

In these few short weeks I have been truly the busiest I have ever been in my entire career... There is so much to do, so much to prepare for, and so many opportunities to grab hold of and explore all that truly makes me happy. For the first time in a very long time I am really the master of my own destiny, and this was indeed the major theme and inspiration for Freed Souls... but we'll get to that ;) There has been much change in the air with me and for reasons that I'll make clear very soon, my time has been short; for I have been focussing on other more compelling ventures...

For now I hope that you'll enjoy these preliminary creature designs that I have prepared as they offer a small window into part of what I'm currently doing with my time, and they are part of a larger plan. Freed Souls is well on it's way...

Banded Striker

People ask me alot: "Why do you focus on drawing Creatures? Why the fixation?" It's true that from a very tender age I was absolutely drawn to animals, both real and imagined... indeed they were for many years my only real friends. I'd honestly have to say that creating them is a very primal and instinctual thing for me to do, they just come to me and it's a simple affair to explain my facination with them: I can trust what they'll do. I could say there is a purity to them and a wonderful simplicity in their nature that I'd long to have. I could go on to say that there's a sense of virtue within every beast in the Animal kingdom, and they have instincts and ways that one can pretty much bank on...

I could say that by contrast we Humans can be highly unpredictable most of the time, and that the factors that motivate us to behave are so varied and numerous as to keep us guessing... and more often than not, confused as to our actual purpose here. You can trust a Lion to be hungry at certain times of the day and act accordingly, but we are different beasts entirely... On the visual front there is such an aspirational majesty to the Creatures of the Earth, both in their great design and in their purpose that I cannot go past drawing from it. Yet it is from the fabric of their very nature (to eat only when hungry, to take only what is needed, to preserve what remains for the future) that I draw my greatest inspiration. They have taught me an aweful lot about myself...

The most potent thing about Humanity though is; we get to choose our own 'nature'. We get to govern our own behavior and we have that freedom to choose the impact we have; for good or ill. 'Tis the greatest natural ability we can exercise; so choose well, and keep on slammin :)

The Bow-Horned Sail Strider

A Vahgeist Bull

Horned Woodsman

The Bloated Smoulder-Face

Bark-Skinned Leaf Beast

The Plumed Hunter

Listen to the Soul: remember always what is most important, and never compromise on it. Defend that like a Savage.....

J S Pullen

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