The Art Of Jared Pullen, Soulful Savage

The Art Of Jared Pullen, Soulful Savage

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Because... I'm Happy?

Happy Feet 2 storybook sequence panel: Eric reveres Sven

To say it's been a long time between drinks is the understatement of the year. A long year; a year that has seen illness most belligerant hijack my happy humanity and derail a good deal of ambition in 2014-2015. Without getting into sordid detail, suffice it to say that an unchecked infection that gains entry into ones lymphatic system can enter the heart, and therin grow a small garden of deadly pestilence that has the power to kill. After months and months... and months of all sorts of niggles, fatigue and oft-times terror... I'm pleased to say I'm still here. Doctors made no bones about it - I'm lucky that I am. Strange to think that a simple visit to the dentist a long while back could result in such a powerful and long lived infection, one that passed through my heart and settled there. So still here people, feeling so much better now! And I'm happy to be here. So if like me you are happy, just so damn happy to be back on deck, back doing things after so long an absence from the doings that give so much satisfaction - then what better way to celebrate than showing some happy little penguins doing their happy little thing?

Happy Feet 2 storybook sequence panel: Mucking about in snow

So here's to creating some fun concept art and storybook images for the Happy Feet 2 project (thought it was about time to share them!) and to once again working with my good buddy Ron Marc during our all too brief spell at Kennedy Miller Mitchell together. All in all a good year there where the compositional talents of Paul Christey took the work Ron and I did to craft some pretty special little storybook pieces. I cannot complain, and so it's back to doing the things I love, really back into freelance (have been for a wee while now) and working with really good mates to make memorable entertainment. Lots for me to do now as I catch up on things. Lots to post up here, work I've not yet shown and new things to create too. So hope you all enjoy this frosty little offering peoples, Here's to doing what you love... here's to being happy :)

Happy Feet 2 storybook sequence panel: Enter Sven the puffin

Happy Feet 2 storybook sequence panel: Precarious precipice!

Happy Feet 2 storybook sequence panel: Leopard seal confrontation

Happy Feet 2 storybook sequence panel: Mumble 'rescues' Eric.

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